CVT Investment Update – Travala partners with Expedia & our stocks

This is your follow-along of how to invest $100 in stocks and $500 in stocks series as of 7/6/20. Here is our WeBull link to create a stock account and receive your …

31 thoughts on “CVT Investment Update – Travala partners with Expedia & our stocks

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    Wayne Jensen says:

    How and where do i begin purchasing travala stock and wpuld expedia be a wise one to get in on also ? Myself and a good friend began listening and watching your viseos not long ago and appreciate all ypur info and help keep up tge great stuff thank ypu from utah !!!!

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    Shag Wellington says:

    The number of cases doesn't matter because 99.5% of cases recover fine. What matters is numbers of deaths and hospitalizations which are down. I wish the media would quite the hysteria and get this right. No reason to panic. You can't control a highly contagious virus by quarantining healthy people. We will have to achieve Herd immunity until there is a vaccine.

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    Beni B says:

    CVT, wondering if you could start covering stock picks for short term swing trades? I know you're not a professional financial advisor but would like your take on it. I invested in your picks IRM, ALLY, & MPW but noticed they're more so long term dividend holding stocks.

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    ponzo1967 says:

    Looked up Travala it looks pretty healthy and had I invested when Brian mentioned it I would have made some profits. I did buy Cardano at .04 though 🤑

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    Ohio Ladybug says:

    I have a question that is off the current subject question but…..I’m getting ready to join your investment group but have been building our emergency fund back up. How much of an emergency fund should you have saved and how do I determine that? My friend is asking because she doesn’t trust my opinion but does yours lol.

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    Austin Doby says:

    Hey sir I’m looking to put money into stocks. New to the game and I watched your video on how to read stocks for dummies. But I am still not sure how to put money or invest into stocks ? Like is there certain websites that are safe to put money into different companies for stocks?

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    Jaren Doby says:

    If you're just catching up to follow the $500 stock account option, do you suggest buying the stocks that you have already purchased? Or wait for the new purchases?

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