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Cusco & Machu Picchu – In Cusco and the Sacred Valley, magnificent ruins await the adventurous traveler. The most famous of all is Machu Picchu. Follow us …

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  1. Hernan Valdivia says:

    Love going to this place. Used to go every 4 years and every time it felt like I was "recharging" my batteries. Been there by train, bus and walking with the 3 day walk along the Inca trail being the most magnificent of experiences. It holds such wondrous energy and a spiritual essence that is difficult to put into words. You feel like nature is plugging right into your source and feeding you a whole heap of light.

  2. Ad Roest says:

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  3. Jaime castañeda says:

    curious fact: after the Spanish started to construct their own architecture, replacing Inka buildings, they realize that their constructions didn't resist very well the earthquakes like the Inka walls. What they did then was to use the foundations of the Inka walls for their own constructions. If you go to Cusco, you will see that most of the streets still have original Inka walls, but most of them have half of the wall with Spanish construction on top of 'em. Sadly, they destroyed most of the most sacred temples for the reason explained by the video (religion).

  4. Stepup Boy says:

    I'm Malaysian. I'm so impressed the beautiful scenary and peacefully of Machu Picchu. It's truly one of seven new wonders in the world. Hopefully I want to go there if I have a chance. By the way, what is the best connection flights from Malaysia to Peru? Which airlines and airports that I have to choose? Anyone can suggest to me please?

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