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Copenhagen – This fairytale place is also called “The City of Spires,” and after viewing this video, you’ll see why. Check out the magic of Copenhagen, here.

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  1. David Wozniak says:

    Christiania (the freetown) the most important of all of Them. Christiania at Christianshavn CPH, in Summerwibe, at the places with a good wibe. but the magic place had lost a lot of soul because. of its new situation, read about it is a magic place you wont regret visng, with its black side of the medal crime connted to the pusherstreet. but a safe place for normal people who behave and folllow their rules that you will se signs of before entering. i hope all of you will have a good jourmey in cph, and the rest of all your journeys 😉 BR. DAVID

  2. Anja Jacobsen says:

    I love my country… My favorites places is: Silkeborg and Skagen in Jylland. Odense (birthplace of Hans C. Andersen) and of course: Klampenborg and Roskilde. My favorites sight from Copenhagen is: Rosenborg Castle, Torvehallerne, Hotel Chocolate, Nyhavn…..

  3. elegy slp says:

    Capital of hygge , Kobenhavn ! Thank you for a beautiful time.Imagine living here ; would be like opening a Hans Christian Andersen chapter .All the colours to compensate for a grey sky and gloomy day . Copenhagen has all the ingredients for joie de vivre !

  4. Pinas_GoodTV says:

    I love your video. Thank you for touring us in Copenhagen. I love to go visit Copenhagen the next time I go back to Denmark. I've been to Denmark and have some of my compilation also of places Ive been to on my channel. Hope you can check out also my channel if you wish to see a quick tour of Denmark. But surely I love to go here in Copenhagen.

  5. Discovering Destinations says:

    Magic, lots of history, colourful and fun … that's Copenhagen we saw back in our visit in 2017 and we would go back anytime as soon as we have another opportunity! Cheers for this great video!

  6. GHOST of internet says:

    Copenhagen it can be a nice place but the rest of the country it is really ugly and hard to adapt and fit in,
    Less people in the street almost empty "ghost citys " and very close to themselves,especially for arabic and muslims , very racists and unfriendly , i have a bad experience in denmark, i think its really weird flat boring country 😑
    Compared to germany ,france or other European city.

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