China Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination China. China’s Imperial City is located in the centre of its ancient Middle Kingdom, a gigantic and inscrutable empire beyond the …

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    Nobody should vote their travel or consumer dollars in favor of China or Vietnam. The YULIN DOG MEAT "FESTIVAL" in China is an outrageous example of state sanctioned cruelty. @t

    The concentration camps and slave labor endured by the Uigher population is a human rights outrage.
    The Chinese-Vietnamese markets for rare animal parts are the #1 contributor to poaching of endangered species.

    No nation is perfect. Stray cats and dogs suffer a brutal life everywhere. But few nations sanction animal cruelty and violations of human rights like China and Vietnam. There's many beautiful destinations in the world with decent govts that make an effort to respect animal and human rights. Let's reward those nations with our tourist and consumer dollars. And by boycotting dictatorships like China and Vietnam we can effect change and go on vacation at the same time. They will hear you $$$ loud and clear. And they will change policy to bring you back because they need that revenue. The sooner we all jump on board that boycott the sooner it will result in change and the sooner we can all visit China and Vietnam in good conscience.

  2. Nemesis martins says:

    You Chinese people are demanding with what others do. Tiangong 1 Chinese Space Station fell in the South Pacific Ocean, according to China's agency, which until now has not seen much of it. they knew where to fall.

  3. Summer Roll says:

    Please remove this video. This is so old … like in the 90s.

    China is very different now. I was there the last couple of years and all the major cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Chongqing are mega and super modern. High speed WiFi everywhere, even in the subways. WeChat is one awesome app. Pity very few people outside China know about it.

  4. Nicolas Xu says:

    Wuhan is awesome, I'm from Wuhan.Wuhan is one of the most biggest city in the center of China, traversed by the Yangtze River, Wuhan is famous for its culture and tourism,like the Yellow Crane Tower.I worked in Wuhan. For more information add my Skype: xicerambo

  5. Robyn Chan says:

    My family took a month-long cruise to China and stayed there. We took pictures and it was so much fun. Never knew that 2 cities were adjoined together Shanghai and the garden city. Wow!

  6. Hachi de Fibonacci says:

    china is gruesome and vile against animals. here is evidence. beware the video contains graphic images. in 2015 it is time to put an end to all this. boycott Chinese products and cease trading with china all together. together we can stop this.
    type (Worst animal cruelty in china) on youtube

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