48 thoughts on “Cardiff – The City

  1. Mohammed AlSubaie says:

    I’ve been in Cardiff for 8 months It was really good choice that I made specially for foreign people …..it’s an easy city to settle in but the only problem is there is no place to go to after 6 P.M unless if you want to get drunk

  2. Lee Dixon says:

    most of the things you're mentioning is outside Cardiff like Swansea or brecon, London Manchester Birmingham best cities in the uk, bugger all in Cardiff

  3. Mohiuddin Zia says:

    I love Cardiff. I was from treforest. I returned back to my country after my post grad from Glamorgan South Wales but I still miss Cardiff a lot. Love Cymru .

  4. Lewis Jones says:

    I live up the road in Pontypool. Hopefully I will be studying there September 2016. Cardiff is a jewel of a city. Good luck everyone! Hope to see you all there next year! 😀

  5. michaelzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    The best City in the Uk.

    It has everything, very friendly, plenty of things to do from night life to coffee shops.

    Within an hour of the City is everything from mountains to beautiful beaches.

    Castles, shopping, restaurants, boat taxis, museums and plenty of hiddem gems.

    People are welcoming and it has a lovely atmosphere.

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