Cambodia (Asia) Vacation Travel Video Guide

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  1. I Trip says:

    Taxi Siem Reap Angkor Wat Cambodia Durations 3Day inside Siem Reap Provinces Especially Visit Angkor World Heritage Tour.

    Day 1 Visit Sunset Group Tour

    Morning Tour : Pick up from Hotel at 8:30am Naxt travel to Buy Entrance Ticket Angkor Heritage tour especially 3 day ticket
    •Visit Rolous Temple
    •Visit South Gate of Angkor Thom
    •Bayon Temple
    •Baphuon Temple
    •Terrace of Elephant
    •Leapers King
    •Sunset at Bakheng Mountain Hill.

    Day 2 Visit Sunrise Group tour

    Morning Tour: Pick up from Hotel at 5:00am Naxt travel to Visit Grand tour
    •Sunrise at Angkor Wat Temple
    •Banteay Sri Temple
    •Banteay Somrea Temple
    •Pre Rup Temple
    •Banteay Kdia Temple
    •Ta Prohm Temple
    •Tammanon and Chousay tevoda Temple

    Day 3 Visit Grand Tour
    Morning Tour : Pick up from Hotel At 8:30am Naxt travel To Visit Grand tour
    •Krovan Temple
    •East-Mebon Temple
    •Ta Som Temple
    •Neak Pean Temple
    •Preah Khan Temple
    •Baksay Chamkrong Temple
    •Angkor Wat Temple

    ■Taxi Siem Reap Angkor Wat Cambodia
    •Pick up/transfer Siem Reap Airport
    •Pick up/drop off Hotel
    •Fresh Water Service
    •Best Cool Towel Service
    •Free Parking Service
    •Honesty Service
    ■Taxi Siem Reap Cost 50$ Per person duration 3Day trip inside Siem Reap-Cambodia especially By Tuk Tuk Service.

  2. Chunly Nhean says:

    It is a beautiful country, and I must say. I was born in Cambodia,and left the country when I was 10 years old after Khmer Rug and Vietnam invasion. I have returned back to my native country 2 to 3 times a year for the last 20 years. I love visiting Cambodia because of Great Angkor and beautiful beaches. The Khmer foods is very good and cheap. Because Cambodia has been improved of road and airports; making transportation very easy. You can fly from USA direct flight the state to Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Kam Pot.

  3. Yoth Ving says:

    Khmer had been a lot of Buddha's temples on earth first second, third, fifth Buddha's temples different budha directions who know more budha than khmer descandent history, Khmer never believed hindu Dudes wake up brother.

  4. Gordon Lister says:

    I've really liked most of your videos on SE Asia, but you lost me with this one. Not only missing out places such as Battambang, Kampot, Kep, the Koh Rong islands, and Preah Vihear; but to include Chong Kneas which is nothing but a scam, full of Vietnamese begging, tours run from a dock owned by a Korean company; there's even a Korean restaurant there now. This is the last place that should be visited around Siem Reap. A little effort on your part and you could have covered the amazing fishing villages that do exist just outside Siem Reap city, places such as Kompong Khleang and Kompong Phluk. Fishing villages that don't feature young children paddling around in rice bowls begging for money, or to have photos taken with dead snakes; and where the local community run the boats that take visitors to their villages. Cambodia is such an amazing country, with such beautiful people, and you have failed to capture this in the way you did Myanmar.

  5. Kevin P says:

    The Narrator of this Travel Guide should really learn the proper pronunciation of Khmer words. He obviously knows nothing about the language and if you asked anyone in Cambodia where one of these places were using his pronunciation they wouldn't have a clue what you were talking about. This video must have been made way before 2013 more like 2003 or before, because there has been a lot of restoration on the Temples and a lot has changed since this video was made. Also other famous Temples weren't mentioned like Preah Khan or Preah Vihear Temples.. There are many other Temples too.

  6. Tch3677 says:

    Hi, can anybody verified how Cambodia treats returning Khmer. I heard from family and friends that they, who are Khmer themselves, were treated very poorly by the local people in Cambodia. For example, they were asked to pay money/bribery because their passport were incorrect. They were stop at checkpoint and asked for additional money because their Visa were wrong. They noticed that Non-Khmer were not treated this way.

    Mistreating your own people, your own kind is one of the lowest form of human behavior. Cambodia were bombed by a foreign country, but turned around murdered it's own people. Yes, I am a survivor of the killing fields.

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