26 thoughts on “Brooklyn Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Alejandro Chavez says:

    Gracias Dios mio por darme la oportunidad de Conoser El estado y Capital mas Vicitado del Mundo. Nueva York… Para mi Conoser NYC es Conoser El Mundo… 👌👏👏👏👏GRACIAS.. EU

  2. Zyrus Ganit says:

    Goals!. Since my childhood, I dream to visit or live up in New York. I like highrises. Moreover this city is totally vibrant with people and its landscape. Btw, Taylor Swift live here.

  3. Ellis Lastname says:

    I live in here in Brooklyn, and I don't think that Brooklyn Heights and Coney Island are a fulfilling representation of everything there is to offer. There are amazing museums, restaurants, and fun activities too!

  4. TroxMacgee says:

    Don't forget to go to Williamsburg, the hipster capital of America. Take a stroll down Bedford Avenue to see the chic boutiques, vintage clothing stores, and hip restaurants that make up the vibrant neighborhood of Williamsburg.

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