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Bordeaux – Enjoy a region where history and charm flows as freely as the world-famous wine produced here. Discover the best places to visit and be enthralled …

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  1. patrice guillon says:

    Please don’t come. Already the city lost its soul. Too many people came, made a living and bought a house the past ten years. Bordeaux became the most attracting place to live in France those few last years. Real estate rose up and public transportation was over saturated. Make a long story short the city has lost a great deal of its character. Please DO NOT COME 😂 !

  2. aditya raje says:

    guys i respect your work but can you make videos on india for ex jaipur, udaipur,kochi,agra,kolkata,goa just few from many incredible places hope soon you guys realise you are not showcasing this part of world as all your videos are loved and shared across world especially by indians who plan trips abroad and the number is increasing exponentially please do make videos of india

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