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Anchorage – a destination of awe-inspiring beauty difficult to rival. Watch this travel guide video to see why Anchorage is one of Alaska’s greatest vacation spots.

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  1. Pauline Stewart says:

    Hubbs an I went for our 20th wedding anniversary. It’s all you see and more! We did a self driving “ tour”. Flew into Anchorage and spent the night. Got up and drove around Anchorage and saw a Moose right off the road near Earthquake park. It was a fantastic trip. We spent the first night in Anchorage, 2 nights in Seward the back to Anchorage for a night. Next day we drove to Denali and spent 2 nights there and then back to Anchorage for one more night before we flew home. We were blessed with excellent weather. No rain, no mosquitoes and Denali was perfectly clear. Not a cloud in the sky.Everyone was so kind and friendly. We flew in the week after Memorial Day. Going back next year. 😎💕

  2. Wendy Woo says:

    Lived in Anchorage for a few years, loved it, this was in the 1990s, I hear the crime rate has gone up, not sure why. Great memories!

  3. chancy319 says:

    Only visit in the summer. Winter is long so most of the residents are depressed Nothing to do except drink so you will see lots of drunks.

  4. Evelyn Gray says:

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  5. SageArt66Sick says:

    Headed to anchorage for seismic in 2 days. 1st time ever traveling outside the local states. Seismic is a lot of walking and hiking so can’t wait to explore what alaska has to offer!

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