4K Hong Kong Driving Tour – Kwun Tong to Repulse bay

hongkong #hk #driving #4k #Ultrahd #uhd #djiosmo Ultra HD 4K Hong Kong Driving Tour will take you on a journey throughout Hong Kong. Part 1 shows the …

21 thoughts on “4K Hong Kong Driving Tour – Kwun Tong to Repulse bay

  1. hidden KARD says:

    Finally people from Hong Kong will realize that they're Chinese. You can't run from your ethnicity and geo location! To anyone across the world when they see someone from hong kong they think Chinese, because you're Chinese no amount of politics changes who you are!

  2. Ovidiu Lucian Lapuste Lapuste says:

    i would like to drive in my renault kangoo from hong kong ……..
    days and days and days …..
    at least spend a pair of weeks over there
    and when i will be tired, my little van give my the possibility to a bed for resting
    and next day, a coffee and wandering again ……
    in what year is took the filmming ????

  3. জলসা 24 says:

    在世界许多国家中,我爱香港。 虽然是我的祖国孟加拉国。 香港的文化社会文化对我非常受欢迎。 我在这个频道中总是注意到这一点。 假设我是香港的盲人,并且是您频道的忠实观众。 因此,随时订阅您的频道。 我希望以朋友的身份订阅我的频道。 感谢您订阅我的频道。 不仅如此,作为孟加拉国公民,您作为香港公民,我们可以分享彼此国家的新闻,并相信您与我的朋友的关系将会很牢固。 最后祝您身体健康,长寿。 你最好保持健康。 艺术家Khoka孟加拉国

  4. kepala suku says:

    jalan jalan di jakarta Lebih besar di bandingkan HONGKONG tapi kalau bangunan Pencakar Langitnya bejibun jakarta kalah jauh hehe………so mantap !!

  5. Dan says:

    Amazing how much it resembles the UK due to their use of British street furniture, the same fonts on the road signs etc. Good video, would like to go one day.

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