#1BEST KEPT SECRET IN CABO | Cabo San Lucas Mexico Vlog (Ep 3)

In Episode 3 of my Cabo San Lucas Mexico vlog, I’m going to show you the #1 BEST KEPT SECRET IN CABO!! I’m going one-on-one with Chef Guillermo Tellez …

24 thoughts on “#1BEST KEPT SECRET IN CABO | Cabo San Lucas Mexico Vlog (Ep 3)

  1. Thomas Johnson says:

    I have been to Mexico a few times and stayed in 5 star resorts, everywhere else we saw outside of the resort looked terrible, alot of slums. We were told to never eat or drink outside the resort or risk getting sick.

  2. gold maple says:

    The best kept secret in Cabo San Lucas is seeing celebrities. Lots of celebrities go to Cabo. I am wondering if you met any celebrities. I am not into food that much.

  3. Enjoy and Travel The World! says:

    Looking forward to our first trip to Cabo in Aug (pending they open the boarders and the hotel is open lol) I have been all over Mexico and Puerto Vallarta maybe 15 times but never yet been to Cabo so looking forward to it!

  4. TE Lawsonartzy says:

    Just when you get to the point that you want to see more…. you stop😭😭😭😭 Would have loved to see that night of dancing. Hurry up and post more !!PLEASE!!😊😊😊

  5. Yvonne Rahmes says:

    Well Mark, I never thought of going to Mexico, but you've changed my mind. It looks lovely where you stay. This restaurant is incredible as is the food! I have one question, where do I find that marvelous blue speckled shirt you are wearing? I want to buy my dh some nice things 🙂 The fellow doing your camera work is very talented, I am totally enjoying your Cabo San Lucas videos. You are such a gracious host 🙂

  6. free place says:

    I've got to hand it to you Mark for finding all the best restaurants in a given area, This place looks exceptional and worth a visit on my next trip to Cabo. Another great Vlog!

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