50 thoughts on “Wuhan: is this the Chicago of China?

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    Jemma Yin says:

    I miss all the food in Wuhan! Glad to see my hometown is recovering from the coronavirus. 武汉人民是不屈不饶的,是乐观的,达观的。 没有过不去的坎,依然热爱生活!

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    rohan8364 says:

    Kya kha rahe hai kucch samajh nahi aa raha 🤯 Mutton Macchi kha lo Madarchodo Dal chawal nahi kha sakte toh.. zaruri hai Magarmach, Makode khana? 🤮

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    luuchoo G says:

    Lol Chicago has some of the most beautiful architecture in the world, and Wuhan is a sad grey gritty city infamous for being the birthplace of the pandemic that exposed the corruption and lies of the Chinese govt. So, no, not even similar

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