Where Is The Best Place To Live In Berlin? – Life in Berlin

Which districts in Berlin are the most livable? What kind of people usually live there? And what’s the best and worst characteristics about them. Find out in this …

50 thoughts on “Where Is The Best Place To Live In Berlin? – Life in Berlin

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    nicogoku says:

    "The interesting ones are inside the ring" wow despite I think you are a cool guy and all I have to disagree on so many levels here. Berlin is so much more than inside the Ring … Especially neighborhoods like Wedding, Pankow, Wittenau, Steglitz, Fridenau, and yes even some parts in Köpenick or Spandau are very diverse and lively too… When it comes to a district that is sooo cheap concerning the rent and yet so close to "inside the ring" it'll probably be Wedding. Whatever everyone has to decide for themselves but I personally find the neighborhoods Grunewald and Schmargendorf very beautiful and still very much with a big city vibe than let's say neighborhoods that are actually almost in the state Brandenburg like Lübars.

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    Rune Glad says:

    Nice work nailing the different districts in Berlin and pretty accurate. With the diversity of the Kiez in Berlin it's like having the option to do daytrips to a new vibe or feel outside of the Kiez you live in. There truly are countless of moods to explore here.

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    Hans Reutter says:

    I love your attitude cause it exemplifies the arrogance of the ordinary bourgeois fake hipster type we have much too many here. Many of them expats who couldn’t make it at home wherever that is. Though you aren’t as I hear in your German accent. But thanks anyway for remembering me of the areas one should avoid as an ordinary citizen who might want entertainment, ok…but some order and quiet in their lives, too.
    You avoid to mention any of the rather big problems the city is facing ranging from criminality via vandalism to traffic. But of course when life consists of partying and demonstrating your own „coolness“ and how well you fit Into your own self delusional scene…go ahead. Like last weekend in Gleisdreieckpark. Huge drunken party like every weekend with a noise lever that keeps everyone living in the neighborhood from finding any sleep, a police which because of the city administration is derived of power. Somebody got knived. Same at Görlitzerpark and Hasenheide. All in two of your favorite neighborhoods.
    And so kind when you tell people who have to move to the outskirts of town that nobody wants to live there. I‘ll inform the very sweet shop assistant in my grocery store that obviously she doesn’t know in which type of neighborhood she lives. Lichtenberg! OMG! Imagine!
    Thanks heaven that I am able to avoid people like you and your kind in my daily life in….TATAAA!….Wilmersdorf. And I am neither rich nor do I consider myself boring. But I live in a fine building (Gründerzeit) with two gay couples and a half-latin family and an immigrant from Croatia etc.
    Non of them hip and cool (God in heaven how you have to stress these attributes all the time) but wonderful people.

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    Ryan Carney says:

    I've been to Berlin Almost every year since 2011, and yet I feel I still haven't seen all of Berlin. Please do a video of the outter ring areas of Berlin. Danke 🙂

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    Manish Gill says:

    Great video. Would be cool if you could do a video on the ones outside the Ring as well. I'd love to know more about Dahlem, Steiglitz, Pankow, Lichtenberg etc.

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    E Bateria Vidrio says:

    I find it rather incentive to portrait Harz IV Empfängern in such derrogative way. Specially since the pandemic has pushed so many people to have to take governmental help, with no other option in sight. BTW, homeless people and junkies are also deserving of respect, most of them have serious mental issues and are not able to be part of society the same way we are. You left Moabit and wedding out. Why though, there are beautiful places there?

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    Viorel Stanciu says:

    Great work once again ! 😀 It would be great to hear also about some areas outside Berlin, the same criteria as the ones you had in this video. + easy to reach city center .

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    Hatsikidee Ole says:

    Are the districts outside the ring so terrible? I can imagine that there will still be great places to live with a lively community. Perhaps not with lots of clubs and restaurants, but enough to be able to enjoy live after work 🙂

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    Vicious Katze says:

    He says it will take you so much(45 minutes) lol. When I visited Berlin I was fascinated by how transportation is so fast because in Turkey 45 min transportation time is the usual. Not too much, normal.

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    veinar90 says:

    What's the bar at 2.03? I work next to Wesserstraße, and indeed it's has some cool places to get drinks or grab food. Fun fact – I live in Friedrichshain next to another Wesserstraße (it is not the same one as in Neukölln)

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    Matheus Bitencourt says:

    Thank you for these videos man. Im planning to move to berlin in 2 years or so and your videos help a lot to understand the culture and the nice spots in Berlin.
    Let me just ask you a question, where would one go if he is goth/punk and wants to meet others like him? Thanks.

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    Brad Taylor says:

    Geil video! Ich habe für vier monaten in Wedding gewohnt, und dass war ein absolut fehler! Es gibt nix in Wedding. Sehr langweilig. Innenstadt war immer wenigsteins ein halb Stunde zug, und ich habe jedes Flugzeug von Tegel gehört. Ich werde irgendwann Berlin züruckziehen und höffentlich irgendwo besser wohnen.

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