Walking in Ueno (上野) Tokyo. June 2020 – 4K 60FPS Binaural Audio – Slow TV

This is my first visit to Ueno in 2020. I’m walking around all the major streets in the area, including Ameyoko, the biggest open-air market street in Tokyo.

33 thoughts on “Walking in Ueno (上野) Tokyo. June 2020 – 4K 60FPS Binaural Audio – Slow TV

  1. Colin Lin says:

    Thank you for the video ! I am glad to see and hear all the familiar sights and sound of Ueno. I spend a quarter of 2019 in Ueno. Its a great place to stay……. great food, nice park and good connectivity to the Airport.

  2. jokrg says:

    I had to pull up some of my photos from my walk thru the area. This was a great walk. Thank you for sharing and bringing back great memories of my first visit to Tokyo & Ueno.

  3. Rener De Castro says:

    I miss Ameyoko and Ueno Park. Thanks for reminding me of the trips I took there back in 2017 and 2018. I hope to come back soon. Not to mention that Suehirocho Station holds a lot of good memories for me, since I stayed at a hotel not too far from it.

  4. MrMarafi says:

    日本にとても戻りたい, ありがとございました. I miss Japan alot! Thank you very much. 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

  5. Jupiter Black says:

    As a American what i notice in this peaceful video they are not concern over adolescent drama like looting or cancel culture BS. I would love to walk these streets right now to get a lil peace of joy in the moment of life here.

  6. ChetChat says:

    Bruh, I'm gonna cry~! I visited Japan last year October and stayed in Ueno. I was planning on going this year but cant for obvious reasons. Seeing this is too painful for me now XD. But I still love seeing it~!

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