Virtual Tour of Trondheim, Norway

Enjoy a virtual tour of Trondheim, Norway’s third largest city. Filmed from mid June to early July. Interested in learning Norwegian? Check out my other videos.

42 thoughts on “Virtual Tour of Trondheim, Norway

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    Markus Nordland Arnesen says:

    if i remember right. Atb, the company thats setting up all the busses, and all arround it, made a rule for all the new busses that were going to drive in trondheim from the autumn 2019 where at least 60% of the busses needed to be either run by CNG gas, or pure electric power. The last 40% could be driven by Bio Diesel (HVO) and ADblu combined.

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    GitOutta MyWay says:

    My friend… love where you live.
    Stay there and never leave. I tried very hard while watching to find garbage on the ground in the video. None!
    Scandinavia is on my bucket list and the only place out of the USA I want to visit.
    You are very lucky to live in such a homogeneous place.

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    lina anil says:

    How did you manage to speak english so well? I dont hear any sings of your norwegian accent when you speak english. The only way to recognisr you are norwegian is when you pronounce norwegian words ;).

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    christer mikalsen says:

    jævli bra video MEN å at kiosk e kiosk på engelsk bli jo helt feil. det hva endel feil engelske ord MEN alt i alt så e videoen kjempe bra å æ kjem te å anbefal videoen te folk æ kjenne som bør se byen:-)

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    Alex Thaxton says:

    This is awesome man! I know it's a long way but if you ever get a chance to do a tour of Bergen that would be great. Been a few times and love it but would love to hear what a Norwegian thinks about it!

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    Sergioani says:

    You are lucky, Norwegian has the same sounds and sometimes whole words like in English, because of this your pronunciation is so good. Compliment for free 🙂

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    Schwarzenegger says:

    Super interesting video! I have a question: Does anyone know why homes in North America and Norway are made of wood? If you have read the tale about the three little pigs, you know why I am asking. I know wooden homes are cheaper and faster to build but I am surprised that people in these developed countries choose to build their homes in this way. Even the Norwegian king and queen like to chill out in a wooden home. Just don’t tell me the wooden homes are warmer because you can have a brick house with insulation outside that is even warmer. From what I have read so far it just a matter of tradition, but I am still not satisfied with this explanation.

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    Victor Stewart says:

    Dude! This has to be the single best city tour video of any Norwegian city I've ever seen (and oh boy I've been watching a lot of them during this pandemic) now I wish you could go around your country, find locals in each major city and make videos just like this one. The internet needs them! We are all tired of the same American tourist videos with the same couple of spots every time. Great job my friend. Tusen takk!!

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