Travel Seoul in a Flash – Hyperlapse & Aerial Videos

Seoul is a city proud of its history and traditions, while at the same time brimming with youthful vibrancy. A trip to Seoul is an opportunity to experience the warm …

41 thoughts on “Travel Seoul in a Flash – Hyperlapse & Aerial Videos

  1. Min Jeong says:

    I want to visit south korea ( Seoul ) once in my life 😧😧😧😧 I love south korea
    I.SEOUL .U 💜💜💜
    With all Love and Respect to Seoul ❤💙💜💛
    From India 😊

  2. Efrén A. Franco says:

    I've been to Seoul twice and I'm dying to visit again. The city is amazing, vibrant, sophisticated and modern.
    I wish I could return some day and also visit other places all around Korea.
    With love and respect from Mexico!!

  3. Hose says:

    Hi! I like your video really much. I think it’s professional and it shows charms of Seoul perfectly. Could I use it for my video about korean culture? I’ll make sure to credit you.

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