Things To Do In Gatlinburg with The Legend

Molly & The Legend show you around Gatlinburg, Tennessee and all of the best things to do in this unique tourist destination. Gatlinburg features tons of …

35 thoughts on “Things To Do In Gatlinburg with The Legend

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    Shokhjakhon Khakimjonov says:

    I’m a foreigner and I worked here from June to August in 2016 and were really fantastic, it was my first 3 months in USA but was sad to see fire there and now it doesn’t look the same as before but getting better, great smoky mountains 💪💪

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    Angela Magruder says:

    Thanks for fun and the views are breathtaking beautiful. I love USA,because every state has their own types of attractions that are unique for each one,God bless us all and all,YES!!

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    Brian Cook says:

    I guess most people ride those gondolas to the top of Crockett Mountain and walk on that swinging bridge. That place called The Village looked interesting. I used to live in Georgia. There's a town called Helen in North Georgia. That place is similar to The Village. Helen is only two square miles. Gatlinburg is five time larger than Helen. I was curious about the restaurants in Gatlinburg. Gatlinburg has at least eighty restaurants. Most of them are not chain restaurants. Smoky Mountain Brewery is the most popular with tourists. They have pizza, steaks, sandwiches, and beer.

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    Mike Willoughby says:

    Very nice video. Getting a cabin for Christmas all our 3 sons and their families spending Christmas 2020! Looking forward to the trip. Your video gave me some great ideas for outings. Thanks again!

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    Kevin M Ming says:

    I came across your video… And I loved the way gave an opinion of everything….. And this is why I plan to travel there in a few days away…. Last minute vacation on the cheap. Thanks for that video that help me decide. 👍

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    Terri B says:

    We were thinking about visiting this summer, but heat, COVID, masks, and crowds are just a recipe for disaster. More people will die from visiting Gatlinburg this year than died from the 2016 fires. Better option is to rent a cabin away from the city and spend one's time in the mountains.

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    Not Just Bryce says:

    I'll be going up there with a group of 3 friends and I this July and I can't wait.
    We're going up from New Orleans, Louisiana, and are looking forward to the trip.
    Awesome video!

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    A legit bear not a zoo bear lol. That was funny! I can’t wait to visit at the end of next month that place is awesome! I went in 2018 but didn’t really visit but this year… it’s finna go doooown

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