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20 thoughts on “THAILAND TRAVEL TIPS | BANGKOK 2016

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    ter1413 says:

    The currency info is incorrect. The THB(vs the USD) hasn't been under 30 since 2013.

    Also, exchange your money in Thailand. You always get a better rate. No need to go to a bank in your home country.

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    Traveling Vaper says:

    Hey honey, just an fyi, the pink taxi's are usually the most honest. The taxi's with advertising "metered taxi"on the side are always supposed to use their meters. Then when you get in make sure they turn on the meter. (the digital numbers will light up when turned on). If they do not turn on the meter you have full rights to get right back out.
    There are quite a few "taxi's" stationed near vacation hot spots (ie: airports, malls, resorts) which target foreigners and say they will give them a deal by not turning on their meters and end up charging you 4-6x the normal fare.
    Best way to avoid getting scammed from taxi drivers are when you exit a well known entrance to tourist hot spots, you will be approached by taxi drivers wanting to grab your bags, luggage, etc and help you to their car. They do this to trap you into getting in their taxi and using them (knowing they will not turn on the meter and then charge you half a days usual profit from 1 trip)
    If this happens just politely say "sorry, I'm walking. I don't need a taxi" then walk about half a block to the other group of taxi's that most native Thai people seem to use.
    They are the metered taxi's and can pretty much take you from 1 end of the city to the other for 120 Baht (depending on traffic of course).
    I have not been there but I watch a lot of vloggers in Thailand and almost all of them warn their viewers of this commonly known scam.
    The ones that don't turn on their meters are actually, more often than not, not licensed to drive taxi to begin with (or so i have heard)
    {**DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT ever cause a scene, get loud or start getting ignorant or belligerent with a Thai person. Majority of Thai families practice Buddhism and it's culture frown on doing any of the above, and the most hated things that Thai people think about Western tourists is whenever we don't get our way is to throw tantrums. Local police get summoned to deal with this (when Tourist police aren't available) and will usually side with a Thai native over a foreigner and causing a scene in front of them can likely get the foreigner in a lot of hot water, even stays in Jail if severe enough of an accusation.}

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