Kids Travel Tray wit Price: 30,53 (as of 05/12/2022 06:18 PST- Details)

THE MOST STABLE CAR SEAT TRAY on the market thanks to our unique DETACHABLE top tablet holder which secures onto the front seat headrest so kids don’t have to balance the tray on their knees like other designs. The detachable top half means you can use it as an independent Portable Lap Tray for kids in the car or stroller, or as an ipad holder by itself that can be hung anywhere. When it’s time to go, zip up the Car Seat Activity Table & it turns into a convenient Carry Bag.
MORE FEATURES THAN ANY OTHER PLAY TRAY – Deep cup holder to keep drinks upright & within arms reach. An in-built zippered Pencil Case to keep pens & pencils from moving around & falling on the floor. 2 mesh storage pockets on the sides are conveniently located for easy access to Books, snacks & toys during the family road trip, which easily clip out of the way when not in use or in Carry Bag mode. A travel desk for kids that you can take with you anywhere! Check dimensions before purchasing
FIRM LAP TRAY SURFACE & REINFORCED SIDE WALLS – The Side walls of our Toddler Travel Tray are firm enough to stop items rolling onto the floor, but flexible enough to be comfortable when leant on. Large Clear PVC window enables excellent touchscreen workability without having to remove the tablet from the holder. Keeps your backseat carseat clean and tidy and has proven to be one of the best Travel Toys for Toddlers on the market. A perfect portable toddler activity table when you need it most!

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