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  1. Panzer Blitz says:

    Going back to Beijing for my third time this Feb. and excited to be there again!!! chinese people are so friendly and the food is so great! I love China!!!

  2. Luis David Lopez says:

    actually, now, 2019, you can buy tickets online, i tried to get them at the entrance but their are all sold out, many people visit the forbidden city so is better to plan the trip in advance

  3. Planes, Trains, Everything. says:

    I have visited Beijing twice and grew quickly to accept the tight security at all Metro stations, gaining access to Tiananmen Square etc. It even took 15 minutes just to enter a Metro station as all forms of I.D. were being checked. As a result of the high police presence and strict security, Beijing would have to be one of the safest cities in the world.

  4. Ken Sim says:

    my favouriteare to relax and pople watch inthegrecoolweather andyoumised the snack street in wang fujing andthe yummy soft you tiao or fried dough sticks

  5. Jukinah Amat says:

    Sweet memories in Beijing always in my heart just bck in my sweet home yesterday safety landed at KKIA 1205 noon …<3 8 days..Fly wd Singapore Airlines really fun <3 23 Mac till 30 Mac..Day 1 depart frm KK Airport fly to Beijing on the way transit in Singapore..Flight Details 23.Mac MI KK / Sngpore…1145 – 1400….SQ 806 Sngpore / Beijing 1655 – 2300 , 30 Mac SQ 801 Beijing / Sngpore 0010 – 0645..MI 392 Sngpore / Kota Kinabalu 0845 — Dealy flight 1210 …Day 2 till 5 visit all place around Beijing..Tian an men square, outside view of the national theater n zheng yang gate, visit to the frobidden city, learn more about the chinese tea, enjoy the acrobatic show n spectaculr night scene of chang an street..<3 <3 Day 3…Aftr brkfast visit temple of heaven. enjoy o trishaw ride through the old beijing hutong alleys, stroll around the shen sha hai lake, yan dai street n bei hai park. aftr lunch visit the letax products shop, visit the panda pavillion at beijing zoo, visit wang fu jing street shopping district n dong hua men night market…Day 4 aftr brkfast trnsfer to gu bei water gate visit to the sima liquor distillery, yongshun dye house, zehnyuan safeguard agency n simatai great wall..Day 5…aftr brkfast visit to the jade factory, later proceed to the bird nest n water cube..aftr lunch visit the summer plsce..cruise ride…Day 6…Beijing – Tianjin aftr brkfast trnsfer to Tianjin visit ancient culture street, south city food street, italian street n porcelain house..overnight in Tianjin…Day 7..aftr brkfast visit to the shi lin xia scenic area..inclusive of return cable car..the glass sightseeing platform, billed as flying disk ufo n glass bridge..amazing trip..even rlly tired but rlly fun sweet memories in my life…the GREAT TRIP is during visit Great Wall n Glass Bridge..rlly wonderful trip…Day 8 Beijing…Sngapore ..Kota Kinabalu..midnight flight bck home bringing sweet memories…<3 <3

  6. Anne Corey says:

    Very good food. In. China love your video is very good hope you enjoy your food there. I love them all thank you for sharing 30–11–18.

  7. ew vio says:

    read this!

    For the moment please everyone bear in mind that traveling to China is

    placing your body in jeopardy because now 2016 China enacted the " espionage law " which authorizes it to exercise (and ARREST) world wide jurisdiction on any one who in China or overseas is reported as being " anti-China" …

    For example, now because China offers 70,000 dollar reward to any Chinese citizen to report any suspicious Westerner as a potential spy, he can audio record your conversation with local Chinese and send it on a government application and expect to get paid if lucky…….Simple!

    October 2018 China arrested Interpol chief when he short visited China!

    Again, for the moment I will never suggest anyone shoiuld go to China!

    Wait until China self relaxes after a while…



  8. Trung Nguyen says:

    the china that creates Manchu due to lacking leadership, or blind fear, are no more I think, they already a republic state too, means no longer short in the leadership, select form people, or form party, the intellectual class, no longer fear to lose the heart of the nation under King authority, now are people authority, people or republic usually recollect relive better, than king authority, because of limited blood line.

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