A local's guide to the holidays in New York | Restaurants, sightseeing, and more

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22 thoughts on “A local's guide to the holidays in New York | Restaurants, sightseeing, and more

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    Patrice Marie says:

    Sarah Funk????? …… Is that your real name????? or your
    "stage"! …. It's Christmas 2019 …. No one should be in a
    "funk" ….. stupid pun!!!! …. Merry Christmas young lady! ….

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    Joy T. says:

    I visit NYC every May, but I’ve always wanted to go at Christmas. Unfortunately, my schedule makes that impossible before Christmas & NYE crowds make that unappealing. Are displays still up the first week of January?

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    David Wadsworth says:

    Philly does sit better, and I am a New York'r, NY is good,Philly is Great.South Philly has like 10 blocks all lit up including light from one side of street to the other,old school style,River Rink, Love park,real Christmas Village. Only thing missing are the department store windows like on 5th Ave.Macy's indoor light show, Philly has a 100 pop up places,even on roof tops, Spruce Street Park, South Street, South Philly streets all lit up, Dilworth Park,Franklin Square,all lighted,Terminal Market, Old City area, and their subway( SEPTA) does not smell like a urinal.

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    Np S says:

    You totally destroyed the sweet happy family vibe by swearing in the most fowl manner.
    Seriously do you know how disappointed your mother would be given you trashed her to a world audience?

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